So I have been tracking my food and my exercise for about two months.

I have lost maybe a pound. I know with certainty now that I need to up my exercise. I have shaved two hundred calories off of my diet, per day, and my clothing fits better – but I would not say I have lost enough weight to fool myself into thinking I can get by without exercise. I have lost the muscle mass I had previously won playing parkour tag two or three times weekly, due to winter and the illnesses all of us suffered through it this year. I need to get it back, no matter what my weight, for my own health.

Exercise seems hard with three kids in tow, but really I just need to get back into tag and coerce them into taking walks with me by offering to let them race me on their bikes.

I haven’t got any winter excuses anymore. I will never get younger. I have to do it now.


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