My father has passed away quite suddenly. I no longer have to be concerned about his dementia or about my stepmother handling him alone.

Somehow that does not make it much easier.

The children and I will miss him terribly. He taught them how to fish.


Apologies to the both of you

Dear Jacob,

I have read what your mother wants us to do to remember you, I have. I keep tearing up and it comes and goes all day. I cried on the way to the pharmacy, just couldnĀ“t keep it in anymore. I took the kids to the store and let them spend their allowance, and that made them happy. I am trying.

I did want to ask you, if Amy is with you, could you please tell her that I am still her friend, will always be her friend? That I miss her? If she is not with you, maybe still you could help her to know. I want her to know, somehow, that the time matters not to me at all, that I have not forgotten her and I never will.

You disappeared just after her, and now you are home. I am so glad you are home, and sad, too.

Love always,