Just A Tap

The kids are okay. I think they will wake up okay, too. But a tap on the bumper has me feeling like I was in a major wreck. I had a few accidents and a couple of beatings in my life that have left my scoliosis spine very vulnerable to sudden jarring and I can feel it stiffening up right now. I took an Aleve but I don´t think it will help much.

The other driver and I just shook hands over the little hole my hitch left in her front bumper. It would be her fault, since she was behind me. She was young and concerned and my car was fine, so I told her to have a very good day.

I ought to take some Ibuprofen.

A family that attends the same small school as my sons was hit by a drunk driver last week. The girl, a kindergartner, suffered a broken neck. I know she is awake and in a Halo device, but I don´t know what her prognosis is. I worry alot about them. One of her siblings was initially critical and another had a nasty sort of broken leg. Her mother broke both her legs. They have a gofundme site set up, and so far are at half goal. I hope they all recover, I hear they are lovely people.

My accident didn´t seem like a big deal. I have been grateful for it all evening, that it was not worse, that my kids are okay.

The other driver said she was handing a beverage to her passenger.




Aging at the Craft Fair

Today I had a sitter and went to a craft fair to do a little Christmas shopping. I was looking mostly at handcrafted tables, but mixed in with those were vendors of the independent seller type, you know, with mass manufactured goods. Not what I go to craft fairs for.

One of those tables had a book on it with pictures of before and after, what seemed to be medical conditions and I was eyeing it a bit more closely when the lady behind the table spoke up and asked me if I had heard of the product before.

Of course I had not. I don´t even watch television.

She started to tell me about it and in the first sentence she used these words: ¨the fight against aging¨.

I am glad I had the presence of mind to tell her I wasn´t going to fight it at all. I told her I wanted to age, and I pointed out my gray streak, which I often wear on full display, pulled back from my temple. I managed to escape with that. I think she thought I was insane.

What the hell is wrong with my culture and most others, that we think aging is something we should spend time and money fighting. It´s coming to all of us, and no amount of cash is going to stop it. Nothing you do to yourself will make you look twenty. You can look ninety with a face lift, or sixty with deftly placed makeup, but you will not look young again. It´s gone when it goes.

Enjoy where you are, and look forward to where you are going.

I got out of there with the handmade goods that I appreciate. Props to the woodcarver, the crocheter, and the sewing couple.