Everyone focuses on the wrong word…

4:34 Surah An-Nisa
But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them.- Sahih International Version

In my opinion the key in this ayah is “fear”, and indeed I have never seen it without that word. Fear is not proof or witnesses or even any tangible thing. Fear is a man’s paranoia, his personal issues, his deep-seated insecurities, his mental illness, his worry, his stress. Fear is the justification, here. Fear alone makes it permissible to beat your wife.

Everyone looks at “strike”, which is often translated as “beat” in English versions. I have seen that word picked apart, worried over, given alternate meanings, historically analyzed, excused, justified, and explained away. Daraba, the root of it. To hit.

The ayah is not simply a license to hit, as they claim and also deny, depending on their sympathies. It is a license to use fear itself to justify physical and moral authority over an adult female.

You can reach your own conclusions. You know what mine are.

So I am out, and now you know.


3 thoughts on “Everyone focuses on the wrong word…

  1. Interesting! I am not familiar with the passage you are discussing, but that same problem of making “fear” a permissable excuse for inexcusable violence is why so many murders of black Americans go un-prosecuted and unpunished. Even cops with guns get to say “the 12yo holding the snowball SCARED me” and it passes legal muster.

    I will never ceases to be astounded and appalled at how often fists and guns are treated as legitimate responses [by certain types of people] to “I felt something I didn’t want to feel.”

    • That is a fantastic connection that I had not made. Yet an hour ago I am complaining about how fear is not a justifiable defense for civilians or for the military yet our law enforcement is allowed it.. and just yesterday I pointed out the real problem with this verse that has been gone over an infinite number of times and always for another reason! Thanks for pointing this out!

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