I Thought About It..

One of the side effects of stopping my daily hormone pill is that I became less afraid. Being less afraid made me more outgoing. Being more outgoing made me feel more lonely…
I toyed with the idea of joining a dating site. I even wrote a tiny blurb and put a photo out on a site that is very very low traffic.
Then I went and read the profiles of the men in my selected age group (yes, my own age group!).
There was one very long profile on there, very well written. The guy was not a model, and that was fine with me. What I liked was his writing. One of the things he mentioned was how he had kids and it would be a long time before he introduced anyone to his kids and he expected the same. This makes sense, anything less is irresponsible.
This also makes dating impossible for me. I can’t afford the sitter. I deleted my profile.


2 thoughts on “I Thought About It..

  1. I commend you for even dipping a toe into dating world. I remember my dad commenting to me after my separation,”it’s been six months and you haven’t gone on one date.” Well, now it’s been four and a half years…I still can’t even bring myself to think of it. Your right about sitters- very pricey.

    • Yeah, I don’t think that toe is going back in anytime soon. I need to meet more people, though. Friends would help a lot. My own father wanted me to go to bars… not my scene!

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