Covering Up Dementia

It has now been over a year since my stepmother has explained to me how my father has changed and how difficult he is to live with. He seems to be worsening on the forgetfulness front but about the same with the aggression and anger.

My stepmother has only told one other person in the family.

Keeping this a secret and watching my father go untreated and undiagnosed is starting to really wear on me. I am getting resentful.

I don´t know if it is due to past experiences or if it is my PTSD, but not being able to freely discuss things frustrates me beyond belief.

I have had enough of hiding things. I have all sorts of worries for the both of them.


2 thoughts on “Covering Up Dementia

  1. I also hate secrets and not being able to speak directly. Why the secrecy? Does your step-mom think she needs to protect your Dad? I would hope that if family, friends, and doctors are aware of the situation then they could help him and your stepmother with appropriate support.

    • I want her to get support as much as I want him to. I have no idea why she wants to hide it. My father has always hidden all his medical conditions, only telling us he had cancer and etc after it was gone. Maybe it is just their shared habit.

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