Just A Tap

The kids are okay. I think they will wake up okay, too. But a tap on the bumper has me feeling like I was in a major wreck. I had a few accidents and a couple of beatings in my life that have left my scoliosis spine very vulnerable to sudden jarring and I can feel it stiffening up right now. I took an Aleve but I don´t think it will help much.

The other driver and I just shook hands over the little hole my hitch left in her front bumper. It would be her fault, since she was behind me. She was young and concerned and my car was fine, so I told her to have a very good day.

I ought to take some Ibuprofen.

A family that attends the same small school as my sons was hit by a drunk driver last week. The girl, a kindergartner, suffered a broken neck. I know she is awake and in a Halo device, but I don´t know what her prognosis is. I worry alot about them. One of her siblings was initially critical and another had a nasty sort of broken leg. Her mother broke both her legs. They have a gofundme site set up, and so far are at half goal. I hope they all recover, I hear they are lovely people.

My accident didn´t seem like a big deal. I have been grateful for it all evening, that it was not worse, that my kids are okay.

The other driver said she was handing a beverage to her passenger.




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