Aging at the Craft Fair

Today I had a sitter and went to a craft fair to do a little Christmas shopping. I was looking mostly at handcrafted tables, but mixed in with those were vendors of the independent seller type, you know, with mass manufactured goods. Not what I go to craft fairs for.

One of those tables had a book on it with pictures of before and after, what seemed to be medical conditions and I was eyeing it a bit more closely when the lady behind the table spoke up and asked me if I had heard of the product before.

Of course I had not. I don´t even watch television.

She started to tell me about it and in the first sentence she used these words: ¨the fight against aging¨.

I am glad I had the presence of mind to tell her I wasn´t going to fight it at all. I told her I wanted to age, and I pointed out my gray streak, which I often wear on full display, pulled back from my temple. I managed to escape with that. I think she thought I was insane.

What the hell is wrong with my culture and most others, that we think aging is something we should spend time and money fighting. It´s coming to all of us, and no amount of cash is going to stop it. Nothing you do to yourself will make you look twenty. You can look ninety with a face lift, or sixty with deftly placed makeup, but you will not look young again. It´s gone when it goes.

Enjoy where you are, and look forward to where you are going.

I got out of there with the handmade goods that I appreciate. Props to the woodcarver, the crocheter, and the sewing couple.



2 thoughts on “Aging at the Craft Fair

  1. Sometimes trying to hide it makes it worse. I think my Grandmother looks younger since she stopped coloring her hair. She’s been wearing it natural for a decade now.

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