My Mother Does NOT Have Dementia

The doctor gave my mother the results of her brain scan, and nothing at all is wrong with her. My mother blames what she calls her ¨brain fog¨ on Chronic Fatigue and says most doctors just don´t know anything about it.

So I have to face these facts:

A) My mother does not like my children and has no bones about disparaging them to me, even if they are special needs.

B) My mother does not care if I am inconvenienced as a busy single mom or if her behaviour puts me at any risk. Nor does she care if she is appropriate in front of small children. She does not care.

C) My mother does not trust me, even to move her purse over.

It was far easier for me to think she was sick than to deal with this. I am sure it is my fault somehow. Either I am completely messed up in the head to think she had dementia instead of taking a hard look at myself or she has changed a lot and is no longer someone I want to hang out with.

She was upbeat on the phone today, present instead of foggy and happy to be doing church activities with her friends. She has a new hobby and I already have her Christmas gift picked out.

Perhaps my issue is that I couldn´t take her rejection of my kids. I offered to move her here in her own place and she made it clear she wants to live by her friends. Not her family. Maybe I shouldn´t have offered. If your parent kicks you out when you reach maturity, despite you having two jobs, it could be a sign that she doesn´t want you around.

At least her doctor took me seriously and is looking after her. That is something reassuring.


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