Our Heroes

I want to thank our armed forces and remember Master Sargent Joshua Wheeler with gratitude. My condolences to his family and our country on the loss of a hero.

When news broke of his passing, a sports star/reality star was recovering in a hospital from a drug binge in a brothel.

I found a meme online asking why we received hourly updates on this reality star and not a damn thing on our soldiers when they recover from IEDs or come home and need care from the trauma they endured.

Why are people on television so romanticized? Surely our attention is better spent rooting for a soldier with PTSD, or grieving with a family of a slain hero?

What would it be like, for our soldiers, if they were treated like heroes? Why do we not do so?

I am only here, writing this, because of heroic actions of the police. My family from overseas is alive because of US military policy.

It baffles me.


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