The Neighborhood Children

I love the children in this neighborhood. They play group games very nicely, they have manners. They are children.

Tonight one of them had to come over, barefoot in the cold, to use my bathroom before she went to bed. The last time she did this was because her bathroom was being used by junkies to shoot up. I never question her on it, a neighbor told me this. I just want her to feel comfortable coming here when she needs to, so I don’t ask her why.

When I was outside with my daughter looking for a ball I heard a mother across the way screaming obscenities at her child, whom I had seen a moment before through the living room window laying on the floor with a toy, watching television.

After I put my kids to bed a mother from next door came looking for her kids. She did not know where they were.

Every family has their challenges. I just wish some had less.


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