How often should a person cry? Isn’t it supposed to be part of recovering from PTSD? I cry maybe twice a year. Most women cry at least once a month.

I first knew something was wrong with me, years ago, when I stopped feeling emotion.

I thought I was over that part of it, maybe not.


6 thoughts on “Crying

  1. I think there are as many ways to recover from PTSD as there are ways to be traumatized in the first place. I don’t cry much either, most of the time. And I also have a history of extreme dissociation from my feelings.

    Healing, for me, has meant learning how to feel genuine emotions — that I can name! — and how to sit with the unpleasant emotions for increasing periods of time, without switching off again. Sick or well, I’m not much of a cryer.

    I’m sure, whatever process you’re going through towards healing, your system’s doing its best. Which doesn’t have to mean tears!

  2. After my diagnosis, I would cry almost three times a month due to it. It is just so stressful when the only way to help yourself is just to cry. It’s harder because it’s already been five years since the incident and it just feels like it happened 25 hours ago. I found myself crying on Sunday, I was then in fetal position as that was the only way to keep myself from exploding. My brother kept telling me “stop being a crybaby” and I kept telling him he doesn’t understand. PTSD isn’t a fun ballgame at all. It,s more like being in a Nazi Concentration Camp. You struggle each day with trying to keep your emotions from scattering around but then you realize how hard it is to keep yourself sane.

    • See, this seems really healthy to me. When you have a strong negative emotion, you cry. This makes sense. Your body gets it out, you go through a physical reaction that is palpable. What I don’t understand is why, when I get into my therapist’s office, I talk about what happened to me in the past week and completely disregard all the issues that landed me in her office in the first place. It’s like my avoidance is so deep that I worry my feelings are not being felt, and that I will never heal.

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