Need Fiction

I just finished another child development/parenting book. I started another immediately. I am still slogging through a book on apostasy. I have read, daily, on PTSD or autism over the past- what? Year, or three? I need fiction.

You would think I were enrolled in university.

What I really want is time. I want to time to clean the entire house without interruption.

I want time to sleep.

I want enough free time to try out new recipes, without interruption.

It will come eventually, but I want it now.

I need to relax. I need a good book of fiction. But then I suppose I will want more time. To read it uninterrupted.


2 thoughts on “Need Fiction

  1. If you liked “Dune”, then I think that you’ll really like books by Terry Pratchett. Light-hearted fantasy, with satire. Uplift me, especially when feeling tired of religion.
    A shorter book that’s really warm is “Follow Your Heart” by Susanna Tamaro.

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