I have an odd taste in music. My playlist is half foreign. Mostly Upper Middle Eastern, some European languages. The music I like in English is mostly recent pop, British more than American. I like my rap in German, French, Austrian.

I never listened to pop intentionally in all my life until I left my abuser.

I go through spurts of classical, and nothing but. Which confounds me.

Music was forbidden in my religion. I listened to religious content only, for too many years.

When I was a child I liked alternative stuff, I spent some years on the edges of the punk scene. I got to see some decent bands and meet some pretty interesting people. I think I got clocked in more than one mosh pit, which I expected at my height. Elbow height.

Just when I think I have settled down, I find myself on the Spanish station.. telling the kids to listen to the accordion.

Right now I am trying to get to sleep, and I cannot, because the music I have on is too interesting.

Going to try..

But did you know that Pitbull did a piece with Cheb Khaled? Like, who knew? I didn’t know! I want more fusion like that… I am going, now. I will.


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