I need to take my afternoon dose.

I have PTSD. I have PTSD. I have PTSD.

I cannot pretend I am better. I need to take my afternoon beta blocker.

I have PTSD. I take it for a reason. It works. Just because I feel great all day doesn’t mean I can’t lose it in the evening if I don’t take my dose. I have a better chance at handling surprises if I take my afternoon medicine. I have to take care of myself, because I have PTSD. No one is going to remind me to eat or take my vitamins or my PTSD meds. I have to do it. I have to take it, I was prescribed it because I NEED it. IT WORKS.

I have unpredictable and intelligent children who do not need me to yell at them or lose patience with them. I have to treat my PTSD so I can treat my children the way they deserve, even if they are having their own PTSD issues and acting really inappropriately. I am the parent. I have to parent myself better to parent the kids better. I make them take their medicine, so I have to make myself take mine. I cannot forget any more. That pain in the chest means I forgot my medicine. If I take my medicine I don’t have the chest pain and I don’t lose my temper and yell at misbehaving children.

I have PTSD and I have to take my medicine.

There should be a way to force acceptance.


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