My favorite flower is the African Violet, any variety, especially ruffled.

I prefer to read rather than watch videos. I cannot tell you how many articles I have skipped because I found a video instead of text after clicking on it.  In the thousands.

I like science fiction better than other fiction, though I read them all. Because science fiction is not limited in content, and much of the older science fiction is now reality. I think Dickens was really onto something when he hoped fiction would become a vehicle for cultural change. I couldn’t tell you my favorite book, but there are a few that I read over and over and replace whenever they are lost. Like Shogun and Dune. I would rather read all day than do anything else.

I read to my children every night, the older ones get a chapter of a novel every time. I plan to continue doing so until they tell me to stop.

I prefer books. As avid a reader as I am, I have no books in electronic form, though I use the internet to research nearly everything. If I need further information on any subject, I order a book and wait for the mail or scout out the subject at the local bookstore.

I like textiles. I like to feel them, see them, though I would never wear them because I prefer more somber clothing. Especially embroidered things in bright colors. When I find something I really like, I always wish I could sew. I have never mastered it.

I love cut flowers, but I despise the waste of them. They are very rare in my home. I like flowers from gardens more than purchased flowers, I would rather a bloom or two in a coke bottle than a big vase of exotics. I can count on one hand the times I have been bought flowers, but in high school a boy brought me garden flowers every week, in a soda can.

I try to wear jewelry but I don’t like to change it much. If I like something, I wear it for months or weeks at a time. I have jewelry that I like the look of, but do not like the feel of. I hope my kids will wear those one day. Nothing I have is of much value. I prefer rocks, real rocks, like sandstone or agate, over gems. I have always wanted a piece of pietersite.

This is my Mother’s Day Gift to myself. This is who I am, the things about myself and my preferences that never vary.


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