When Vegetarians Go Bad

So I got my test result back from the doctor, who sent me in for a fasting blood test specifically for my cholesterol.
My cholesterol is too high. The bad sort, yes.
So I am going to say goodbye to pizza and donuts at work and cake and keep walking the children to daycare. I should try to add in more exercise, I bet if I ask the kids to help me, they will. We do play some epic games of tag, and winter is no longer an excuse.
I am going to eat more cereal. Any excuse to eat more cereal, right? Yes, oatmeal is included.
I think this is from Lent.
You heard me.
Arby’s fish sandwich is a heart attack. But it is SO GOOD and it is NOT EXPENSIVE and it is FISH. I eat fish and eggs, they are the only kind of meat I eat. The kids love those sandwiches. I think we had them every Lenten week. Not that I am religious about Lent. I only know when Lent is because those sandwiches are available. I am a bargain hunter. I am busy.
Fish stew instead of fish sandwiches.
Baked salmon instead of fish cakes.
Cereal instead of dessert. No loss for me, there. Honey Nut Cheerios are to die for.
I am going to be spending a bit of money on this, I suspect.
I better get moving.

Disclaimer: I know it’s not true vegetarianism. I have known that since I started. Pescetarian. I know. Be kind.


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