Reading In The Waiting Room – cue Fugazi

So today I was in the waiting room. You can start the song now. And I was innocently reading a Food Network magazine, and I was actually liking it. It wasn’t all gourmet, there was some really practical stuff in it.
Then I turn a page and I come across an ad depicting a lady like I have seen before. Dressed the same way that women are dressed after a certain age from Italy to the Middle East to Russia. I have seen hundreds, in refugee communities in my own country and on my travels.
So they have this ad.
It says she is making food, then arranging a marriage, then food, then calling the priest because her daughter is resisting the marriage, then food, then having an exorcism performed on her daughter.
You get the inference. She was having her daughter exorcised because the daughter did not want to marry or did not want to marry who her family chose for her. Aka, forcing the daughter to marry.
This is not funny.
Legal rape is not funny. Selling children is not funny. Women are not possessions to be given away or traded.
Fuck Athenos. I will never buy any goddamned thing they make, ever again.
For all my friends working at Tahirah Justic Center or on the Forced Marriage Project in Toronto, I will not.
Sick and twisted spoiled Western sense of humor. I bet their daughters and sisters are safe, or they would never.
I am livid.


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