My Mother Has Been Visiting

Per the title I suppose you can see why I have not posted.

I have not had much time to myself. I moved into the children’s room to give my mother her own space during her visit. She feels unwell much of the time, and I am sure would suffer were she given the sofa.

She is elderly. She decided to move far away from her family, again, a year ago. I am trying to convince her to move to my town. I cannot fly to her, leave my children, to oversee her care or help her do anything should she need it. I simply cannot afford to do so and haven’t anyone to leave the children with for any extended period.

My mother kicked me out at eighteen. But I left before that, really, because I could not bear to be someplace I was not welcome. I stayed away as much as I could.

It might have been my fault, but probably not, I was not much of a troublemaker in my late teens, having got it out of my system earlier. My brother was also asked to leave at eighteen, and he was only home to sleep and required no looking after. He had worked full time since age fourteen and paid me to do his chores in addition to my own and my two part time jobs.

My best friend has taken to her and has been chatting with her. She asked my friend, ¨Did you know Jane was living out of a duffel bag under bridges and washing up in gas stations?¨ She finds it in contrast to how I live now, which is pretty domestic. But really I lived much better in my twenties, when I was putting my in-laws through school and working overtime. I went shopping for fun, then. Which sort of makes me feel sick, now, when I remember.

Anyway, it will add to my stress and responsibilities but it is the right thing to do. I have six phone calls to make to get housing applications for her, but encouraging her to move will still be easier said than done.


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