Who Will Take Care of The Kids?

Being sick when you have children and are alone is no joke. You really cannot afford to be ill. It scares the pants off of me, frankly. You fall asleep from fever, who is watching the children? You cannot walk from pain, who is watching the children? You cannot cook from fatigue, who is feeding the children?
I walk anyway, I force myself to stay awake, I instruct the children how to make sandwiches.
Yesterday I had to leave work (not a good idea, to forego the sole source of income) to go home and sleep, or I would be a hazard on the roads picking up the children later. I crawled into bed and woke up with the phone ringing, a dear friend asking me if I were to pick up the children? And I got up and did it, fever and all, luckily with time to spare.
I have a friend, a few babysitters, who would watch them for me, now. When I go out and leave the children at daycare or with the sitter, I know I can come back to kids without bruises. It’s like magic.
Once I stayed up for two days straight, while my children had a bad influenza, doing load after load of laundry and keeping the poor things hydrated in between bouts of vomiting. I had it, too.
The very best strategy for single moms when they are sick with anything intestinal or vomit inducing, is to not eat at all. Every time I get something like that, I take no food or drink for twenty four hours, so that I can take care of my kids. Taking in food when you have those viruses creates a vomit/diarrhea cycle that takes more than a day to get out of.
Every time I have to see the doctor, I tell him I haven’t got time to be sick. Like anyone does, right? But I sometimes get panicky over it. Having sitters or friends is all new to me. I never thought to call my friend yesterday. I am accustomed to doing it myself.
Who helps you, when you are sick?


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