A List of Things That Make Me Fear Retaliation

Kids Laughing
Kids Crying
Kids Falling Down
Walking Where Men Are
Talking Where Men Are Present
Driving Where I Want To Go
Being Out After Dark
Talking To Men
Tying My Shoe In Public
Bending Down In Public
Shopping For Underclothes or Socks
Wearing Tight Clothing
Laughing In Public
Eating In Public Without A Fork
Blowing Bubbles With Chewing Gum In The Car
Speaking Non English Words In Public
Shopping For Fenugreek
Going Into Tobacco or Liquor Stores
Hugging the Kids In Public
Kissing the Children In Public
Asking for Repairs To Be Done On My Apartment
Going to Auto Part Stores
Going to Radio Shack
Going to Hardware Stores
Eating at Ethnic Restaurants
Commenting On International Politics
Yelling to Children In Public
Showing My Upper Arms in Public
My Daughter Wearing Shorts
My Daughter Wearing Leggings
My Daughter Wearing Bathing Suits
Swimming In Public
The Children Dancing In Public

This is a long list of things I get stressed out over. This is nuts. I don’t have any reason to be afraid anymore. I have to do something about this.


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