Not a Great Day

Today my love interest confirmed that his interest and his love had waned to nothing. Not the best day I have ever had. But the kids and I did play at the park, and they have played well together.
Coming up the stairs my neighbor (who currently has a back injury) said she was afraid of my boys. I was afraid of them, too, years ago. But now they are so much improved.
But still it smarted. These poor kids hold the door open for everyone multiple times a day, they work hard at their therapies, play well with babies, and still adults are afraid of them?
I hope she did not mean it as it sounded, I hope it was just about her balance issues and the pain of injury. It’s just the wrong day for me to hear anything negative, I guess.
I hope teaching Monopoly cheers me up. Maybe I will throw in some pies for self therapy.


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