Muslim News

I had to remove all Muslim news from my feed. I wanted to keep it up because there seems to be a filter that keeps much Muslim specific news out of the national prints, but the news is so bad with ISIS, and the pictures so disturbing, that I had to cancel my subscriptions.

I just want to say that ISIS is performing in the Islamic tradition, specifically in the Sunnah manner, and no matter how much we wish it were not so, for every non-violent Muslim out there, for each interpretation of Islam that condemns such barbarity, it is Islamic.

First generation Islam behaved like this. Every Muslim person who studied any Islamic history knows this. Any Muslim who tells me ISIS is not emulating the Prophet is, in my opinion, a liar.

I know there are all kinds of political reasons that we have to insist ISIS fighters are not real Muslims. But the reason they say the same about everyone but themselves is religious. Every motivation from those footsoldiers has to do with religion. Not money or politics. Maybe power, now. By insisting they are not Muslim we just play further into the polarization of Islam.

Most Muslims are nice to a fault. If this were not true, there would not be so much conversion into Islam. The religion itself began as you see now in ISIS, however. Time and people softened it from the original version into something more tolerable and palatable.

I hope something is done soon. For decades Islamic thought has been narrowing, it’s former pleasant diversity overwhelmed and corrected by petro dollars. I hope now that those funding the madrassas and building the masjids see the error in their support of the hardliners, but I doubt it. The West has used fundamentalism, the Muslim governments have supported it, taught it, and now the populations they sought to control for their own ends have decided they want their own representation and land.

I think marginalizing the Ex Muslim community is a mistake. The Muslims insist we do not understand their religion, because if we did, we would not have left, and the non Muslims don’t want to upset the Muslims by giving us a voice. The pressure is huge. Ex Muslims are considered an affront to nature, an insult against God Himself. We are killed, shunned, beaten, spit on and vilified. There is no Shariah court that would spare us. Only in the West can we create a voice loud enough to give hope of any alternative to life in the Ummah, and the West offends the Ummah by letting that voice have any authority or influence. Look at ISIS and you see how imperative it is that we form a presence. I am sick of Ayaan Hirsi Ali getting her speaking engagements cancelled. She is telling it how it is, and no, it is not politically correct. The evidence is in front of us, now, slaughtering everyone who will not kiss it’s prayer mat.

Islam is a complete way of life. Not solely a religion. It’s basic tenets are now in the news. Muslims have to allow change, and stop calling it bid’ah and stop making it highly technical, where jihad only applies in such and such conditions, because those conditions have been met.

I want my Muslim news articles to go back to covering the honor killings in the West. As deplorable as it is, honor is not Shariah compliant. That we can lay at the door of culture. ISIS we cannot.


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