The Camel’s Back

I left when I finally figured out that the system did not work in practice at all. The apologist tripe fed to women about how they are cherished and cared for and guaranteed this and that is just a doublespeak about how women need to toe the line to get their ¨rights¨.
The more acquainted you are with Arabic, the more you realize that the Quran mentions women and children as property, not independent people.
It took me a very long time to figure this out, because I was always self sufficient and the Muslims I knew were very nice. I could not reconcile what I read with the believers that I knew, and I was sure what I was reading was mistranslated.
The Mahram concept creates dependency and retards maturation in women, and on the other gender’s foot, it lends itself to a full blown rape culture easily seen in evidence in Muslim cultures. Mahram and modesty doctrine makes men out to be monsters and women out to be unfit for independent life.
The Islamic system is not humane, on these points and others. A person only reaches full potential despite it, not because of it. So what good is it, really? More harmful than helpful. You have to ignore this surah and that ayah in Islam to maintain your morality, your sanity, in the face of such ethics. Picking and choosing from Quran makes you apostate, anyway. Better to throw it out. Despite all claims to the contrary, there is no baby in the bathwater. Be you Progressive, Ijtihadi, Ahmadiyya, Sufi or Modern, you cannot be any of these without Quran.
I support any and all revisions to Shariah in the name of humanity, I applaud the LGBTQIA masjids going up in North America, but I could not morph canon into wishful thinking and give it flesh like that.
Any god worth it’s salt is omnipotent. The Ibrahamic god clearly was neither that nor just- per Quranic texts.


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