Save our Girls 2014

Sounds familiar. What is happening now, has happened elsewhere, recently. Why? Because slavery IS Islamic. Because the expected obedience of women to men is in the Quran. Female slavery is canonical text. Fundamental Islamists use the Sunnah to guide their conquests and craft their laws. What else is in there? Verses on how to divorce wives who have NOT YET BEGUN TO MENSTRUATE. Children. Everything that common sense tells us cannot be sanctioned by our religion.. is. If it violates a human right, please don’t explain it away, or further apologist literature on it. It doesn’t work. Just kick it to the curb. Teach it how it is, and then teach why we should reject it, not wish it away, or pretend it is inaccurately translated, or abrogated. If it is there, it is proof that it is NOT DIVINE.

Journalistic Expressions

*I was originally going to post about hostile Work Environments, which I still will, but something more important has come up.*


James Brown told us best; it’s a mans, mans, mans, mans world. And the frightening fact is, that’s the truth. Even though globally women outnumber men (barely but we still do), we are still the “weaker” of the two genders, the more mistreated of the two genders and the more assaulted of the two genders. AND for this blog’s purpose, please miss me with the what about transgendered, etc. this isn’t about orientation and gender, persay.

This is a public service announcement. PLEASE, SAVE OUR GIRLS. Bring our babies back.

Roughly 230 Nigeria female children, all school-aged, were kidnapped by a terrorist group. The group has stepped forward and claimed responsibility. They are “anti-Westernization” aka “pro-stone age.” They don’t want these girls exercising their right to learn, be educated…

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