Blogging Blind

I do not actually know the ins and outs of running a blog. I have two. Technically three, but the third has no posts in it at all, and I created it one day because WP would not let me back in here until I had made another blog.

One blog is about my children. This one is about everything else. Only once have I posted the same topic on the two, when it was relevant.

I do not know how to blog properly. I do not know how to reference or link, and often I forget to tag.

I came from livejournal. That is the sum total of my blogging knowledge, is livejournal from fifteen years ago.

Today that aforementioned cross post was referenced by someone else on my other blog, and my views shot through the roof. I had more views today than in the history of my blog, it seems.

I do not even connect this blog to that, though I suppose I ought to.

I post what is bothering me, or what tries to form in my mind when I am driving. Because if I do not, it is lost, and also because it continues to bother me. Once I write it out, my mind can move on.

I don’t even back these up. I suppose I should.

I do not do awards, because I do not know how, and also because I do not have time to write out what I need to and do someone else’s request, too.

I have been invited to guest post, if I provide a picture, and I have not even yet learned how to cut and paste into here.

I suppose I should learn what I am doing, so I can do it more efficiently. My apologies to anyone who feels slighted by my lack of blogging etiquette, I just have no clue what I am doing. It is not personal.

Thank you for reading,


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