Getting Back to Where It All Begins – Why Advocacy is So Important

My son asks me what I am reading. I tell him it is a story about a man who was bad but pretended to be good.
He says ¨You mean like my dad?¨ I asked him, ¨Do you think your dad was like that?¨ He says yes and tells me about things his father bought him.
I have never said a bad word about his father.
I never wanted the children to see their father as bad. It seems too much for a child to bear. But they were there. They know.
This is what I was reading.

Picking Up the Pieces

“What would make you get involved with someone so horrible? How could you not see what they really were? Did it have to get so dangerous for you to see what kind of person they are? I don’t understand.”

Well, then, allow me to help you get the clarification you seek. Oblige me, and grant me ample time to speak, and I will use my life as an example to show how these things come to be. There is no mystery. There is no secret. There is no code to decipher. What is there, however, is a story of deception, trickery, and manipulation stemming from a pernicious heart.

Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t know what that word means. Wasn’t there another word she could use so everyone would understand?”

Pernicious, however, is the perfect word to describe a person priming another to be abused, and I would never use something…

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