Hello? Our Personal History? When the Professionals Forget.

I was at my son’s psychology appointment yesterday. The psychologist tells me, there is a free day camp for children in the community, by a lake, where they teach the kids to swim and canoe and fish. Totally ideal, except I know what camp she is referring to, and it is basically an introduction to Christianity with all these fun activities thrown in. I don’t want my children indoctrinated into any religion.
I tell her, a psychologist, that I want to be honest with my children at all times. That I do not want to gaslight them, it is the type of abuse that affects me the most. Gaslighting, for those of you who are not familiar with the term, means to mess with someone’s head, by telling them things are not real, or convincing them that their perception of reality is skewed. Even moving objects and claiming that the victim has done it and forgotten, is gaslighting.
She asks me ¨So, that’s not okay?¨ Meaning indoctrination. I have no idea why she had to ask that. Perhaps she is Christian. Probably Christians do not see their religion as related to the other Abrahamic faiths. They probably see their particular sect as benign, many of the Christians in my area are peaceful folk who manifest their practice in charitable deeds. But though it has progressed to such a point, I see it like smoking.
A gateway drug to cults, Islam, anything untrue. It still holds those cultures of shame and modesty, a twin evil I don’t want my daughter subjected to, especially. Believing in delusion, no matter how popular, is not something I want to do knowingly anymore, and I do not want my children subjected to this. If they choose to worship a fairy in the sky, I will be okay with it, but I am not going to set them up for it.
A psychologist. I don’t get it. The other psychologist I see doesn’t subscribe to religious fancy. I feel as if surrounded by crazies, after this. Why is there a trade off in communities like this? Give your children to us for brainwashing, and we will take them camping, swimming, etc. I am not paying that price. I would rather be the isolated atheist family, as I am.


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