Cooking with Bidah, is it blasphemy?

I cannot leave recipes alone. I cannot just cook them as they are written. The white flour goes out and whole wheat or oat flour goes in. The sugar I cut, not in half, but by two thirds. The fat content I will scrutinize. Can I substitute? With what? Yogurt? Applesauce? Up the liquid, cut the fat? Sometimes it turns out well, and other times, it turns out tasteless.
If I had any sort of professional experience or formal education, I am sure I would get it right. But I do not. I just muddle my way through, vowing at the start of a recipe that I will leave it alone, but when the horror keeps growing I talk myself into tampering.
Icebox cakes are my latest venture. I managed to bring it down to two ingredients in the body, and a fruit topping, raw fruit, no sugary filler. The only sugar is the cookie. You have to leave it alone for longer, to make it work, it needs to gel in the fridge for twenty four hours instead of a few. I use only the unsweetened heavy whipped cream, and the cookies.
I am not going to put up a recipe, and I don’t apologize for it, because all you have to do is layer that, and there are a million recipes online for it. I am just talking about it, because I get mildly obsessed with cooking, and I have to get it out of my system in print. So those recipe fans out there, don’t be disappointed, I cook so simply, you get my gist.
You can use graham crackers for this, and that cuts the sugar content down some, too. Wafer thin cookies are hard to find in my town, so flavored grahams are worth driving an extra mile for.
The children love it. It’s not a money-saver, but it still ends up cheaper than a store bought layered cream cake. Of course, it’s healthier than the one from the store, too. As much as cake can be healthy.
I need to move on now that I have figured this one out. Do something else no-bake and simple. I am working on it.


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