Strawberry Shortcake

I make it all the time. I use Mark Bittman’s shortcake recipe, because I like to put plain yogurt in everything. I wanted to do the icebox cake, but canned real sweetened whipped cream is nothing I will turn my nose up at, and it goes liberally all over the top of this.

I like the combination of real fruit, whole wheat, and cream. Perfect for growing children who possess tummies that prefer real food and who need massive doses of vitamin C on a regular basis. 

I made them a strawberry Jello cake a few weeks ago. I had a box of cake mix, a rarity in my cupboard, and thought they should experience the summer classic, but one only bit the top off of it, and the other pushed his plate away and pronounced it ¨too sweet.¨ The third ate most of his with little ill effect, and he is the oldest. Maybe it is a cake for older children.

Ah, the first is risen from nap. It won’t be long, now. Soon it will be gone.



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