Treating PTSD

I spent an hour listening to a psychologist specializing in PTSD give me the background on evolutionary biology, evolutionary psychology, brain chemistry, and memory yesterday.

The most effective treatment (he is rusty on his EMDR) for PTSD, he tells me, is desensitization. He comments to me “I have met with you twice, and I have no idea what happened to you. This is why people with PTSD never get better. They avoid their memories and their triggers, and their brain never processes through those memories to move them into storage. You could have a cardboard cutout as a therapist, and if you told it your memories over and over, you would think it was the best therapist in the world, because you would become cured.”

I have four more sessions with him. I have been meaning to post more of what he taught me. It was so much, really, in that hour, that I still have not sorted it out myself. Next time I am bringing a notebook.


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