Fear of Publication 10/14/13

I belong to one forum, have two blogs, and one FB account.

I post as much as I can on the forum, but for every post, there is one I decided not to post. Only one in ten FB posts make it to my wall, and it’s all just news bites, anyway.

Is it fear? Social anxiety?

How did I go from being an outspoken feminazi kid to an adult woman who is so petrified of making mistakes or giving offense, that I cannot even post what I think?

Am I this afraid he will find me?

Isn’t the net a huge, ever expanding, unfathomable and bottomless universe? Surely there is somewhere in this vast space where I can be myself and be unafraid. Where I am safe.

How can I ever gain support for myself, or show support for my fellow human creatures, if I am too afraid to participate fully in any community?

What am I modeling for my children?


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